With free (gr)albums from Bora Yoon, Adam Matta, Leah Coloff, and Tom Hart/Moon Hooch! Download on the app store at http://bit.ly/gralbum.

Thanks to all who attended the (Gr)album launch event at SOHO Digital Arts and to all who have downloaded the app to date! Additional thanks to The (Gr)album Collective artists Bora Yoon and Adam Matta for joining me in rocking the party on the downstairs stage.

Two guests were so inspired that they wrote wonderful reviews of the app and event for Stereophile Magazine and SoundCtrl respectively:

(Gr)album is a new multimedia publishing platform that combines music with visuals (art, video, animation, photography, comics) and interactive storytelling into a seamless whole. The app is designed for iPad and iPhone. 

You can download your copy of (Gr)album from iTunes at http://bit.ly/gralbum! It's a gallery format, with free sample titles and The Book of Sarth full (gr)album available for sale.

I conceptualized (gr)album and founded The (Gr)album Collective in 2012. Needless to say I am thrilled to finally launch the app and share (gr)album with the world. The first wave of titles includes Sunken Cathedral by sound artist Bora Yoon, Sketches by beatboxer Adam Matta, my own title, Book of SarthThis Tree by Leah Coloff, and Train O' Thots, which matches sketch artist Tom Hart with the brass band Moon Hooch.  

Launch photo by Andrzej Liguz / MOREimages -- see the rest of the photos here.