"They were born into a boxy and barren world . . . "  More about THE BOOK OF SARTH


"We have formed a recording unit called BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE. We intend to put out different types of my music - from industrial to meditative to songs and all subway stops in between. CREATE!"  - Lou Reed  More about METAL MACHINE TRIO 


The year’s most unlikely coupling was always destined to birth some kind of monster. But this rock opera based on Wedekind’s 19th century play 'Lulu' (already the subject of Berg’s expressionist opera) proved surprisingly robust, with Metallica’s monolithic sledgehammer attack providing the perfect foil to Reed’s songs of masochism, male domination and compassionless love. Against all the odds, 'Lulu' functions as the ultimate realisation of Reed’s aesthetic of Metal Machine Music: cruel, vulgar, half in love with power and pain but with a bruised, beating heart at its centre.”  - Wire Magazine More about LULU


"Talking about Lucibel Crater, music-wise, you can venture the adjective “unpredictable." Cocorosie, Björk and The White Stripes, but also nu-jazz atmospheres, ambient expansions and psychedelic moments. Listening to Lucibel, one bounces like the little ball in an acid-colored pinball machine; pushed and rebounded by Sarth Calhoun’s synths, Leah Coloff’s cello and Paul Chuffo’s rhythmic patterns."  - Simone Tempia, Urban Magazine  More about LUCIBEL CRATER