Musical explorations that build on the Tai Chi and Meditation tracks I did with Lou Reed, and the shows we did with Ulrich Krieger as The Metal Machine Trio. 

Drones, improvised transformation, and hypnotic symbols create a collaborative sound field.

I've explored these ideas in venues ranging from Lolapalooza, The Royal Festival Hall in London, and The Sydney Opera house ... to some of my favorite performances at intimate events. Sets are being booked emphasizing meditation and transformational experience, as well as concert sets.

long, arcing notes that float free of the tumult, then dissolve again
— The Guardian

About Sarth

A composer, improviser, and mixed media interactive artist based in Brooklyn. 

Sarth started developing the techniques of improvised live processing with his band Lucibel Crater, creating a sound described as “Cubist” by the press. He went on to be a founding member of Lou Reed’s Metal Machine trio, and to co-author the score for Robert Wilson’s Lulu, culminating in recording the album of the same name with Metallica.

He believes the role of the artist is in two parts. To discover new reality tunnels, then to give others a window into them.

In 2013 he developed and released an interactive mixed media platform called (gr)album to present new kinds of narratives on the iPad.

Introspections combines his deep love for sound evolution,  tai chi, improvisation, and transcendent states.


while Calhoun, using a Continuum, manipulated the sound to achieve a noise akin to a flight of deranged swallows in combat.’
— The Telegraph


I have been fortunate enough to explore these ideas with great improvisers, including Laurie Anderson, Moldover, John Zorn, Sxip Shirey, Marc Ribot and Rob Wasserman.

In the first video, Sxip is creating the drones and structure using an amplified shruti box, while I play continuum. In the second, Jacob McCoy creates drones on the Linnstrument.

I am currently working with sound artist Michael Clemow on a project called "The Drost Effect" ... named for the phenomenon known also as mise en abyme, two mirrors face each other and create endless reflections ... in our process we each sample and transform the other's sound creating realtime infinite recursion.

no rules,no logic, just music and the purest emotions
— Vogue Italia


What is the dialogue between sound and consciousness?

I have been working with Jeremiah Brimlau to bring this work to retreat centers and yoga studios. His guided meditation help the audience to move through the sound experience.

Imagine stillness moving through space
If Energy flows where attention goes where does it take you?
What shall we make of it?
Who Are You? Who Am I?
What really Matters?